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Help to Adapt is a Scottish Government initiative designed to help older people live independently in their own home for as long as possible.
The initiative encourages homeowners over 60 years old to consider making alterations to their property now to ensure it continues to meet their future needs. The aim is to help people stay safe and maintain their quality of life in their own home.
Helping you stay in control
As a homeowner you may already feel the need to adapt your home, perhaps after a fall or a period in hospital, or because they want to prevent this.
Planning in advance means you stay in control, making decisions based on the full range of options. Home adaptations are often made after an accident takes place.
For some people, however, an accident can mean returning home is not possible. Help to Adapt is just one of several options which may be available to people and it is not designed to replace statutory schemes.
For more information please visit the Help to Adapt homepage.

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